December 8, 2005

Getting ready

Merry Christmas everyone!

Welcome to our brand new blog. If we haven't had a chance to give you the update, we've recently accepted an invitation to join the Peace Corps in Guatemala & are departing on January 9, 2006. We'll be working as part of the Environmental Conservation program.

Our schedule is to meet our group of new volunteers in Washington D.C. for a 2-3 day staging session where we'll be taking care of last minute paperwork, vaccinations and the like. From there it's on to a town called Santa Lucia for a 3 month crash course in Language, Culture, Trade Skills, and who knows what else.

In April we'll be official "volunteers" and be moving onto our assignment, most likely in a rural part of Guatemala. We don't yet have details of exactly where this will be.... It’s part of the adventure!

Although we're unsure of our access to traditional communication, we're going to make an effort to update this blog with our comings and goings throughout our trip. If you’re interested, you should be able to check this site out to keep up with us occasionally.

Feel free to leave messages for us on our "Tagboard" on the right, or by adding comments to the posts-->we'd like to keep up with all of you too!

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