January 29, 2006

Latest Activities

It´s been about 2 weeks since our last update.  We´ve kept a pretty busy schedule of training.  Spanish is coming along, but it seems slow...
Unfortunately, the highlight of the past two weeks was that we both came down with some sickness.  Probably some kind of bug that made for a miserable couple of days.  After expelling a large volume of bad stuff from our bodies, we´re both feeling strong and like we´ve paid our dues to live in the 3rd world.
We also made a trip to the capital to visit the Peace Corps Headquarters.  It was good to get a handle on how to safely move through the big city, but it´s not really a place that we´re all that excited about spending much time in.  Aside from a few recognizable American restaurants (that can be a sight for sore eyes at times) and a transportation hub, it doesn´t seem like there´s much of a reason for too many future visits.
A big trip to an pueblo near Coban is coming up this week.  After a 6 hour bus ride, we´ll spend Thursday-Sunday visiting another married couple working for the Peace Corps.  This is supposed to be our chance to job shadow and ask all the questions we have about what it´s like to be volunteers in the field.  The others in our training group are doing the same thing throughout the country.  We´re all very ready to break away from the classroom and see some country.
We´ve also spent a few days (last Sunday & today) in Antigua and have been using it as a break from the 3rd world living.  Today we visited an Art Exhibit that was organized by a PC volunteer in the Lake Atitlan area.  We also were able to visit with a relative that is spending a few months here to get away from the North Dakota winter.

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