July 11, 2006

4th of July week

It's time for a new post. The lack of entries are a good indication that we are settling into a routine here and just living life. It seems like there are few blog worthy reports on a daily basis. The rainy season is in full swing and our new challenge is dealing with molding clothes. We have been putting our heads down and working hard lately. Corby on designing and developing a new building for the police in a near by aldea and Kari on designs for the national park that they will for merchandise, brochures, web sites and any sort of publicity material. Our free time has been filled with working with a local youth group, teaching English classes at one of the schools in Salacuim and helping the neighborhood kids with their homework.

Last week we were able to escape to Guatemala City where we met the other 200 volunteers and had a 4th of July party. It seems strange to celebrate Independence Day in another country, but it seems to be more meaningful than it ever was at home now that we are here. After the party we were able to take a trip to the south coast and visit Monterrico. We spent 3 days on the black sand beaches of the pacific where we virtually had the place to ourselves. After spending a month in our site it was wonderful to relax and enjoy another part of Guatemala we had never seen before.

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THe Kortuem's said...

sounds like you guys are doing great. We are getting ready to head off on our adventure on Saturaday. We will check in when we get back