March 4, 2006

More training....and some fun stuff

We've just wrapped up 2 full weeks at the training center. This was mostly along the same themes we've had since we've got here: more spanish classes, technical sessions (ecotourism & environmental ed.), along with some cultural stuff. We have managed to take part in some activities that are "blog-worthy" as well.
Hike up Volcan Pacaya:

This was really amazing. Neither of us had ever visited an active volcano before, so we were kind of blown away. It was like walking on the moon with volcanic rocks everywhere. We also got to stare into the belly of the beast and get a good strong whiff of sulfur (it's supposed to be good for the lungs, right?).


Our training group followed our trip up the Volcano by running an "eco-camp" for about 20 middle-school aged kids that live nearby. We helped with some of the activities, but mostly tried to make order out of the chaos. For a lot of the kids it was their first time sleeping away from their parents/outside/etc. Overall, they had a really great experience.

Fiesta for Diana's Cupleanos:

Our roommate/hermana/sobrina Diana turned 4 years old last weekend. This was an occasion for a great party, pinatas included. We got to help out a bit with pre-party preps and eat some of the candy. If you're wondering: yes, that was a "bob esponja" pinata for the boys. Not pictured: "chica fresa" for the girls.


We're getting ready for a bigger trip next week, destination: Coban. We'll be spending a week training-on-the road. This is our last big event before we find out our location for the next two years. We'll be receiving a "site-assignment" March 16th.

Stay Tuned.

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