March 16, 2006

Site Assignment: Salacuim, Alta Verapaz

After much anticipation, we finally found out our site or "homes" for the next two years today. Ours will be Salacuim Alta Verapaz. We're really excited. We're going to be relatively low in elevation, which means really warm. It's classified as tropical rainforest. Kari will be replacing a Peace Corps volunteer in the environmental Education program & Corby will be the first Peace Corps ecotourism volunteer in the area. The initial report sounds like there are lots of opportunities for productive work there. Compared to the site assignments of the rest of our group, we're probably the most remote (about 4 hours from the city of Coban, including 3 hours on a dirt road) & the warmest. There is the nearby tourist attraction of Laguna Lachua National Park that Corby will be with.

That's a quick summary of what we know so far. We haven't visited this area yet, but next week is a trip there. Below is a map of the general area & a touristy glamour shot of the Laguna from the internet. We'll keep you posted....

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