January 25, 2007

A brief...or not so brief update

A flood in our office at the end of November has taken us out of communication with the outside world until now. We finally have our internet back up and running and are excited to report all of our activities over the last 2 months.
Thanksgiving found us in the city awaiting the arrival of Kari's sister and her boyfriend. Our first visitors from the states! We did a jam packed tour of Guatemala with Katie and Kristoff, which included a couple days in Salacuim, a visit to Semuc Champey, Lake Atitlan, Antigua and the longest zipline in Central America. We were really grateful to be able to spend time with the two of them, especially around the holidays.



The beginning of December started off with us celebrating our 29th birthdays in Guatemala, as well as taking a road trip to Livingston and Tikal with our office before everyone left for Christmas vacation. With Christmas quickly approaching we headed to Antigua and spent Christmas Eve with our host family in Santo Tomas. We took part in their traditional celebration of mass at 11pm and dinner at midnight. The family of 40 stayed up until 5am celebrating. We were glad to have people that we consider good friends to spend the holidays with.


A couple days after Christmas we were fortunate to have our friends Tim and Julie pay us a visit as well. We took off for Honduras for a 5 day trip to the Bay Islands, where we enjoyed island life and New Years Eve on Utila. We ended our trip with a few days in Guatemala and enough time to take in Antigua, the market in Chichicastenango and a trip to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.


The last couple months have been full of travel and time with family and friends, which we are so grateful for. It really is an amazing experience to have people come and see what we've been up to for the last year. The newly uploaded pictures say it all.

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