January 26, 2007

One child at a time

We are really excited to report that over the holidays over $2,400 came into our scholarship fund from family, friends, coworkers and people we have never met. There is more on the way too and this year is looking like a good year to send some kids to school. Right now we have 14 children ranging from 5 to 17 enrolled in our program. It has been difficult to cooridinate all the things that they need to get started in school. The school system in Guatemala is not nearly as organized as we are used to at home. Often times it has involved Corby or I making late night trips to the store to buy materials for the next day. A full scholarship includes yearly tuition, all the school supplies for the year, uniforms and shoes. We will also be supporting them in their yearly activites that require money to participate in.


Our efforts to choose students were mostly placed on kids that were not planning on going to school this year for reasons they could not control. A large percentage of them do not have fathers and their mothers do not work outside the house. It is nearly imposible to come up with money to live, let alone go to school. Each day we learn that the need is endless. We literally have had a line of people at our door nightly asking us for help. We hope that we can make a difference with this money and begin to stop the cycle of poverty that exists. Through education this can be done.


We now see some of the kids running to school to get there early. The enormous sense of self-confidence and pride they have in carrying a backpack, wearing new shoes or having the school supplies that are requested is amazing. We only wish that all of you that gave could be here to see what an impact you have made. Thank you for your generousity. We will continue to update about the program.


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jcab said...

I'm from Guatemala and I just wanted to thank you for the job that you're doing over there, it fills my heart to see people doing so much good without any interest for people that needs a chance in life, keep up the good work!