February 12, 2007

Insight into Peace Corps Life

Home improvement projects are fashionable among our friends back in the states. Before we left for Guatemala, any relaxed get together with friends involved the obligatory "How's that --yard, kitchen, bathroom, or floor-- project coming along?" question. We've never owned a home and sometimes were jealous of all the interesting stuff others are doing.

Recently, we did a bathroom project of our own. Last year our composting latrine was located 20 meters from our house, behind the foul smell of a neighbor's latrine, and up a steep hill that was "peligroso" after a little bit of rain. One day last year we rallied 20 kids to push and pry the concrete base of an unused latrine closer to our house. We finally finished the project last week. Now we have a warm, friendly environment for any of you that may be thinking about coming for a visit; no more excuses.

***note the steep hill and neighbors non-composter***

***note the lighting scheme***

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