February 21, 2007

First Scholarship Meeting

Last night we held the first group meeting for the scholarship program. The program is supporting 19 kids with the $4,300 (still growing...) we've received so far. The students brought their parents to the meeting where we described the program rules and goals, signed contracts for the year and wrote thank-you notes. Each student promised to receive good grades, help with various community projects through the year and to send correspondence to their sponsors during the year. The group was excited and very thankful for the opportunities that they've received.

Two of the scholarship students writing thank you notes.

We also helped the local youth group "JAGUAR" form a committee to begin to manage the scholarship program. Their committee helped us run the meeting. The group is very well organized and working hard on various community projects.

New Scholarship Committee of the "JAGUAR" group.


JulieJ said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you figured out a "governing body" to make decisions about the scholarship funds for the future. It's very exciting that 19 kids are benefiting from your scholarship! What an impact you are making in Salacium.

Anonymous said...

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