June 15, 2007

Dream of a Community Library

The community of Santa Lucia Lachuá is a 30 min trip from Salacuim and is home to an incredibly motivated and organized group of leaders as well as a robust school system that includes a teachers school (magisterio). We have enjoyed working with the community and are supporting and encouraging their request to host a Peace Corps volunteer after we leave the region in April of 2008.

In February the community submitted a proposal for a community library project to the "Peace Corps Partnership Program", where the Peace Corps in Washington publishes and advertises community projects to corporate sponsors and regular givers. The idea is that the givers enter a "partnership" with the community and receive communication directly from the people that benefit from the gift throughout the project. Unfortunately, the project has not received funding as quickly as we would have hoped. The project needs to receive funding within 2-3 months or they won't be able to complete the construction before we leave in April 2008.

Below is a link to a detailed project profile in PDF as well as a link to the project profile website (where donations can be made).

If anyone out there knows of potential donors (businesses, corporations, etc.) or any other creative funding ideas, please contact us!

Proposal for the Community Library (1.25 MB)
Peace Corps Website Promoting the Project

Youth group during planning meeting

Judging an environmental art competition in Santa Lucia Lachuá

Joint Youth Group / COCODE meeting in Santa Lucia Lachuá

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