February 15, 2008

Close of Service

Last week we attended our close of service conference in Antigua. Although we have more than a month left until we pack up and leave Guatemala, it was a chance for the original group of volunteers we started with more than two years ago to get together and reflect.

Ecotourism and Environmental Education Volunteers 06-08

Of the 25 volunteers that swore in April 2006, not one of us has terminated our service early. I remember during training, we were told that more than 1/3 of us would be gone before our 2 years of service was up. Last week, our training director told us that he could not remember one group to leave with all of its members in the more than 33 groups he has supervised. After hearing that, we all felt pretty proud of what we had accomplished.

Healthy School Volunteers 06-08

It was really interesting to hear about all the projects, frustrations, accomplishments and people impacted by our group of volunteers over 2 years. There were many anxieties expressed in returning to the states along with much excitement. Some of the things that people were looking most forward to were carpet, couches and hot water. Above all, I think we will miss all the amazing people we have met along the way and look back fondly on all the experiences we have had together and apart.

Volunteers at the Close of Service Conference 2008


JulieJ said...

What a good looking group of people! You should be a Banana Republic ad. I really want to be wearing sandals, too! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple months :-) We are so proud of all the work you've done! What a great sacrifice and wonderful experience!!!

Katie said...

I agree with what Julie said. You both have quite a bit to be proud of and you will forever be changed and have changed all of us with your experiences.